Fees 2016 - 2017

Tuition Per Term (£) Per Annum (£)
Senior School
Years 9 - 13
Years 7 & 8


Preparatory School
Years 4 - 6
Years 3 (fees include lunch)
Reception, Years 1 & 2 (fees include lunch)
Nursery (per morning or afternoon session. Includes lunch)
Nursery (per whole day session. Includes lunch)


Boarding Per Term (£) Per Annum (£)
Full Boarders
Years 9 - 13
Years 7 & 8


Weekly Boarders
Years 9 - 13
Years 7 & 8


Casual Boarding
Day Boarding
‘Bed and Breakfast’ basis
Temporary Boarding

£22.00 per evening (up to 9.00pm)
£29.50 per night
£38.85 per night (maximum of 3 weeks in any one term)
Tuition & Boarding Per Term (£) Per Annum (£)
Full Boarders
Years 9 - 13
Years 7 & 8


Weekly Boarders
Years 9 - 13
Years 7 & 8


Lunch & Breakfast
Years 4 - 13
Available for Senior & Prep pupils
Years 1 - 6

£3.95 per day

Paid for on a daily basis (in Dining Hall)
£3.55 per day (supervised Breakfast Club)
Late stay charges
Upper Prep £4.70 per session (short session)
£7.65 per session (long session)
Lower Prep £6.95 per session (until 5.00pm)
£9.25 per session (until 5.30pm)


Each year we calculate what the fees need to be to cover all anticipated expenditure for the following year. This includes an amount towards capital improvements. The confirmation of the following year’s fees is usually made by the middle of May and published here on the school’s website.


Breakfast, which is paid for on a daily basis, is served and eaten in the Dining Hall between 8.05 am and 8.30 am on each school day. Items are individually priced.



Lunch is available for pupils in the school dining halls. We aim to encourage a healthy diet and each day we offer a choice of three hot main courses, one of which is a vegetarian dish, together with a different 'themed' choice daily, such as pasta, jacket potatoes or noodles. Alternatively, soup and filled rolls and sandwiches are also served, and there is always a salad bar which may be chosen either as a main or side dish. Fresh fruit and yoghurt are always available as alternatives to the choice of hot and cold desserts. 

Special dietary requirements should be communicated to the Catering Manager. Lunches are charged for in advance on a termly basis, at a cost of £3.95 per pupil per day. Packed lunches are eaten in the dining hall or the loggia. On occasion, pupils forget their packed lunches and when this happens they may apply to School Office for a ticket to allow them to take a school lunch. Such 'emergency' lunches will be charged at £4.95 each.


Examination Fees and Supplemental charges 

All external exam fees are charged to parents separately in addition to tuition fees, on a termly basis. Resits will also be charged. The cost of compulsory school visits (other than a contribution towards the living expenses of the Year 8 Cumbria week) are incorporated in the tuition fees. The cost of pupils participating in voluntary activities, such as theatre trips or special sports courses is added to bills termly in arrears. Various other items, for example art materials, science reviews and sports kit for school teams may be included as supplemental charges, with parents' permission. Parents will be billed at the end of each academic year for textbooks that are not returned or which have been returned in a poor condition.