ISI Inspection report

Senior School 2014

Ipswich School was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate in November 2014. A team of nine inspectors visited over four days; they observed lessons, conducted interviews with pupils, senior staff and governors, saw co-curricular activities and visited the boarding house.

This report has just been published and details are available here.

Preparatory School 2013

Inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visited Ipswich Prep during 2013, and found that the school meets its aim of providing “…a secure and caring environment where each pupil is valued and nurtured to become balanced, confident, considerate and fulfilled people.”  
The inspectors judged the school to have a “well thought out, flexible approach to pastoral care” and that it had a “relaxed atmosphere” and that the “extremely good relationships pupils enjoy amongst themselves and staff enhance the community spirit which is notable throughout the school”.  The pupils’ social awareness is “outstanding”, as is their behaviour where they are “at all times… courteous and polite”.  
We are delighted that the hard work of pupils, parents, teachers, governors and indeed the wider school community of Ipswich Prep School has been acknowledged in the Inspection Report.  You can read more by clicking on the links below;

Read our summary leaflet or the full report.