Bus Application Forms

Key Information


GENERAL QUERIES All non-urgent requests or questions should be made to the bus organiser’s email buses@ipswich.school.  Details of the bus routes and organisers can be found in the Bus Information Booklet on our website. Please do not contact the bus companies directly. 

APPLICATIONS FOR A PLACE ON THE BUS Applications should be directed to the school bus organiser.  All requests for a bus place will be provisional until the signed application has been returned. Where a bus is oversubscribed applications will be considered in the order that the signed applications are received, preference is given to pupils who require a seat fulltime and the remaining applications will be placed on the waiting list, again in order of receipt. 

ADDITIONAL PASSENGERS Friends should only travel on the buses after parents have arranged this with the bus organiser. Once a place is confirmed pupils will obtain a bus pass from School Office which has to be handed to the bus driver. Please note that many of our buses are running at or close to capacity and that we cannot guarantee that there will be spare spaces for friends.  

BUS TIMETABLE Please arrive at your bus stop in good time as buses will leave on time. If you are delayed for any reason after school please be aware that buses cannot wait as they have to operate to a strict timetable. 

LATE ARRIVAL OF BUSES In the event of bad weather the school will keep the website up to date with school closure details and those buses that are unable to make the journey to school.  Should the school undertake an early closure before the end of the school day we will put transport information on the website.  

In other circumstances if the bus fails to arrive on time, please allow 5-10 minutes before making contact, to allow for slight traffic delays.  If after this time the bus has failed to arrive then please contact the bus organiser initially.  If you are unable to reach the bus organiser then do get in touch with the bus company to ascertain what is causing the delay.  Please be aware that the operator may be driving and may not be able to take your call but will try to respond as quickly as possible. 


To terminate a place on the bus you will need to provide a full term’s written notice to the School, writing to the bus organiser or sending an email to buses@ipswich.school.  
Paul Wranek


March 2017