5…4…3…2…1 Rockets blast off at Rushmere!

Pupils at an Ipswich primary school were preparing for the space-race as they made and tested rockets on the launch pad, thanks to a link-up with Ipswich School’s Physics Department.

Year 2 at Rushmere Hall Primary School were visited by Simon Arthur, Head of Physics at Ipswich School, who demonstrated how to make simple, but effective, paper rockets.  All 90 pupils in the year had a chance to make and decorate their own rockets, before they went outside onto the school field to test them, with pressure pumps firing them high into the sky.

Mr Arthur said: “The morning showed the pupils just how far paper and sellotape can be launched into the sky, with some magnificently high flying designs.  We were delighted by the way in which all the Year 2 pupils tackled the task with such enthusiasm, and hope this has whetted their appetite for further rocket-related experiments.”

Rachel Dunne, Key Stage 1 manager at Rushmere Hall and a Year 2 teacher said that there had been a great deal of excitement from the pupils as they constructed their rockets.  Mrs Dunne added: “The pupils were particularly competitive when it came to firing their rockets into the sky, with plenty of gasps as they flew higher and higher!”

This event is just one part of Ipswich School’s wider community programme of activities.  For more information on the school’s community work see www.ipswich.suffolk.sch.uk/community

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