Drama students help hospital patients feel better

Ipswich School’s Community Service Drama students are working on an exciting new project this term, in conjunction with Ipswich Hospital and a dementia charity, Kissing It Better.

The project involves around 15 pupils from Years 9 to 13, who visit Ipswich Hospital on a Thursday afternoon.  They talk to patients and sing, perform drama scenes or read poetry to them, as a way of brightening up the patients’ hospital stay.

Drama teacher, Mrs Pitt, has worked with the pupils on the project and said: “It has been a great opportunity for the pupils to practise performance skills, in a very different setting to that which they are used to performing in.  I think it has been important for them to understand how they can use their passion to inspire others, and also to help people in their local community.”

She added: “It has often been very emotional, for the pupils, the staff at the hospital and the patients themselves.  We have received so much positive feedback, with patients saying it has made their day, and with hospital staff saying they have noticed a change in their patients for the better.”

All the students received special training from the charity, and are now ‘dementia friends’.  They have been to a variety of wards and have enjoyed the opportunity to both perform and to talk to others, mainly older people.

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