Headmaster shares passion for unlocking potential

The Headmaster from one of Suffolk's top independent schools today (Friday 17 May) shared his passion for unlocking potential at the annual Ipswich School Speech Day.
Nicholas Weaver spoke about the many ways in which he had seen young people overcome challenges and go on to exceed expectations, starting with a story of a career defining moment from many years ago when a pupil of his had overturned his C grade prediction to get an A grade, through sheer hard work.  He shared recent stories from Ipswich School of a rugby player who completely rethought his approach to training to fulfil his ambition to play for the school first XV, and a class which collectively shared their failings, laughing at their own mistakes, and proceeded to make huge improvements, learning from each other in a supportive atmosphere. He said that the recent performance at the Snape Spring Concert by the school’s Show Choir, led by a sixth former, showed how aspiration could drive people from within to achieve ‘giddy heights of accomplishment’. 
He told the audience of pupils, parents, staff and governors: “Who are we to impose limits on our children?  These stories of success demonstrate that with the right aspiration, the right support, and with a growth mindset these young people will fly.”   
The packed Ipswich Corn Exchange also saw 85 pupils receive prizes recognising their overall effort and achievement in subjects across the curriculum, both in and out of lessons.  These prizes, many of which are historic bequests from former pupils, were presented to pupils by the Mayor of Ipswich, Councillor Hamil Clarke.
Mr Weaver said: “It is lovely to celebrate the success of our pupils in many areas of school life each year in the public arena of the Corn Exchange. Speech Day recognises the hard work and achievements of pupils, and allows us to thank staff and parents for the support they show.”  
Guest speaker at the event was Suffolk’s first Police and Crime Commissioner, Tim Passmore, who is also a former pupil of Ipswich School, having studied there between 1966 and 1977.  He talked about his time at the school, and his interests as a rugby referee, and how these had influenced him.  

He reminded the pupils in the audience that they should “strive for excellence in everything”, saying: “Learning through life never stops – you have been given a fantastic opportunity to build on, so be ready when your opportunity comes.”

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