Ipswich Prep celebrates positive inspection report

Young pupils at one of Suffolk’s top independent schools are celebrating today after a very positive inspection report.
Inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate found that Ipswich Preparatory School meets its aim of providing “…a secure and caring environment where each pupil is valued and nurtured to become balanced, confident, considerate and fulfilled people.”
The inspectors judged the school to have a “well thought out, flexible approach to pastoral care” and that it had a “relaxed atmosphere” and that the “extremely good relationships pupils enjoy amongst themselves and staff enhance the community spirit which is notable throughout the school”.  The pupils’ social awareness is “outstanding”, as is their behaviour where they are “at all times… courteous and polite”.  
The inspectors found: “The school successfully fulfils its aim to extend the pupils’ academic horizons in all areas of school life. Pupils develop their knowledge, understanding and skills well through a broad curriculum and an extensive range of extra-curricular activities… Pupils are articulate, well organised and work well together and individually. The broad, balanced and adaptable curriculum covers all the required areas of learning and is highly effective at meeting the needs of pupils of all ages and abilities.” 
Particular strengths of the school curriculum were noted by the inspectors: “Achievement in music is a strength of the school, with most pupils involved in making music individually and in groups across a wide range of styles… Pupils benefit from particularly strong provision in English, mathematics and science.” They also noted that: “The cultural development of pupils is excellent.  Their awareness and respect for other cultures is extremely strong as was seen in their support for the African choir which had recently visited the school.”
Amanda Childs, Head of Ipswich Prep, said: “We are delighted that the hard work of pupils, parents, teachers, governors and the wider school community has been acknowledged in the glowing Independent Schools Inspectorate Report on our school.”  
She added: “We have come a very long way since the last inspection in 2008 and this has been acknowledged by the inspectors in their report.  The recommendations from the last report have not only been addressed but goals exceeded, meaning a huge improvement in the school as a whole.  We cannot, however, rest on our laurels and our “exemplary” School Development Plan will help us to continue to thrive and succeed in the future.”

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