Ipswich Prep School raises money to open doors

Fundraising efforts by young pupils at Ipswich Preparatory School have boosted a local school’s campaign for their pupils to move more independently around school.

The total raised by the Prep School through a number of charity events for Thomas Wolsey School’s “Open Doors” campaign was £7,490.  This money will help to fund their campaign for modern, automatic doors to allow the children with physical disabilities full access around the school without the need for constant helpers.

“We were hoping to raise £3,000 for one set of automatic doors to help the children to explore the building with more independence,” said Annika Wieckowska, the Deputy Head of Ipswich Prep School. “We were very pleased to hear that Thomas Wolsey had reached their final target, so together we organised a group of our pupils to visit and learn how they had helped.”

The Prep School pupils raised their money through events including a non-stop sponsored line dance event and a “ties and tights for Thomas Wolsey” day, where pupils paid to wear a “wacky tie or wacky tights” with collection pots being replaced with woolly tights.

Next year there are plans for pupils from the two schools to work together to raise money for a different charity. Mrs Wieckowska said: “All the children were so pleased to find how friendly and alike they all were,” when they took part in a joint fun and games morning hosted by Ipswich Prep.

“We are so grateful for the money raised for the Thomas Wolsey School,” said Rupe Hosie, Headmistress of Thomas Wolsey School. “It has enabled us to purchase five doors in total which is fantastic. It will enable the children to be much more independent within their school environment. We felt very welcomed at Ipswich Prep and it was great to come and talk to the pupils about our school. Both schools are very keen to build upon the links we have already forged and I hope our relationship will continue to go from strength to strength.”

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