Ipswich School pupils are stars in seventeen sports

Almost 70 Ipswich School pupils who have achieved success in the sporting field had their hard work recognised by the school this week.

There are currently 67 of the school’s pupils who play at a county, regional or national level in 17 different sports: cricket (girls and boys), sailing, table tennis, netball, athletics, swimming, trampolining, water polo, equestrian eventing and showjumping, rugby, squash, gymnastics, golf, rowing, cheerleading, football and hockey.

Stu Field, Director of Sport at Ipswich School, said: “We wanted to recognise those pupils who have achieved a high standard in their chosen sport, and couldn’t believe how many pupils this turned out to be – including some who play more than one sport at county level or higher.  We know that it will have taken them hours of dedicated training to reach this level – well done to them all.”

Nicholas Weaver, Headmaster, added: “We encourage all our pupils to follow their passions, and to see so many of them enjoying sporting success at the highest level is very pleasing. We do have a ‘sport for all’ ethos at Ipswich School, which is demonstrated by the huge range of sports which our pupils compete in, both in and out of school.”

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