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Remote sport stars

There’s plenty of sporting action going on at Ipswich School, even in this period of remote learning.

Each week skills videos are posted online for pupils covering our focus sports of cricket, hockey, netball and rugby, along with pilates sessions, strength and conditioning and sports psychology information.

Ben Edmondson, Director of Sport explained: “These are all high quality videos, which we hope will keep pupils developing their skills, even if they can’t get on the sports field. We are one of only a few schools who have sports psychology as an option for pupils to look at.”

In addition, there are now twice-weekly catch ups with pupils in Years 7 and 8 and weekly catch ups for teams in the focus sports, who can also upload videos of their skills work to Hudl to receive feedback on their progress.

For older pupils, the strength and conditioning team is working on a series of Strava challenges which can be completed.

Mr Edmondson stressed the importance of getting active in this period of lockdown: “We don’t want you to be sitting still! We do want you to improve your skills, but we also want you to engage in any kind of physical activity which gets your heart rate up – anything which makes you move and which you enjoy.”

There are special Google Classroom areas where people can upload videos of their activities. Mr Edmondson has made some of the videos – which include hockey, rugby, cricket, netball, football, cycling and trampolining – into a compilation which you can view here

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