4th Annual house pancake race

We were very fortunate to race under a beautiful blue sky but unfortunate not to be able to use our extensive fields due to the recent wet weather. Every child from Nursery to Year 6 were able to show off their pancake tossing ability. As always, the event was full of encouragement and great sportsmanship, not least from one pupil who ensured he had picked up all of the tiny pieces of his pancake that had fallen on the floor when trying to toss it. Notcutt were spurred onto victory with huge support from their team members cheering and singing their house song.  The children look forward to the races all term and the smiles on their faces show what a fun and enjoyable event it is. Many children cannot wait until next year in the hope that their House can be successful.

House pancake race results:
1st Notcutt 21 points
2nd Gleave 18 points
3rd Mermagen 16 points
4th Yelland 15 points

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