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A blessing or a curse?

This Wednesday sees the first Academic Excellence lecture of the new year, presented by Rowan Calver under the title: ‘Is Beauty a Blessing or a Curse?”. Speaking to Rowan, she explained how she’ll explore the relationship between beauty and social prejudice, challenging how beauty has traditionally been defined in Western culture, and the effects it has on women in both the public and private spheres of society. She argues that although beauty can present many benefits to one’s success, it may actually prove more of a hindrance than one may believe.

Dylan J-M, Year 13

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Ipswich School General
Aaliyah Grant

Practical Physics

Last Tuesday, the Physics Department held a carousel of the required practical experiments needed at A Level, including ones that may only be touched upon

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Ipswich School Co-curricular
Aaliyah Grant

CS Drama panto is great success

In the Michaelmas term, the CS Drama team devised an original pantomime about a band in fairy land whose lead singer loses their voice. In

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