A visit from Kimmy’s Petting Zoo

“I liked the two Sugar Gliders most.  They were called Mowgli and Baloo and were very furry and had sharp claws.  Sugar Gliders have loose skin which helps them to glide from tree to tree.  Their eyes are humungous!”

“I really liked the Skunk called Fifi!  She was black with a white stripe down her back.  The stripe reminds other animals that the Skunk can spray a horrid smell if they are frightened.  The spray smells like onions, garlic and rotten eggs.  The smell lasts for 2 weeks!!”

“Yesterday I met a snake called Anastasia.  She was a massive Boa Constrictor and was more than 5 feet long!  Anastasia likes the smell of shampoo and cheesy feet!  She slithered across our laps and felt very heavy”

“Kimmy came to visit with two Meerkats, a Skunk, two Sugar Gliders (very cute with gigantic eyes), a Boa called Anastasia and a Crested Gecko.  The Gecko called Flower was very sticky. The Meerkats made lots of snorting noises, a bit like pigs!”

“I asked Kimmy, “ Do snakes like Anastasia always shed their skin once a month?”  Kimmy explained that if the Boa Constrictor stops eating then it can go for longer without shedding its skin.”

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