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A warming lunch – in one fell soup!

There’s nothing more comforting in the winter than a nice hot bowl of soup for lunch. And so we’re pleased to say it is that time of the year: the annual soup week where we get to taste some of the most wonderful creations from Year 5 at the Prep School!

In their DT lessons, pupils were challenged to see who could make the most delectable soup, having given a wide variety of ingredients to make all kinds of funky flavours. With some basic instructions and after tasting example soups, the pupils were able to create unique, interesting, delicious and possibly bizarre combinations.

Mrs Fullam and Mr Brace from the Catering Team have chosen some of these which we are able to try at lunchtime in the Senior School’s Dining Hall – with a different option each day.

The soups available for the week are:
Pea and ham soup – created by James and Edward 
Roasted pepper and tomato soup – created by Esmee and Sophie 
Miso chicken and rice soup – created by Clem and Bella 
Chicken soup – created by Charlie and Thomas
Carrot and coriander soup – created by Violet and Sienna 

We are looking forward to trying all these different creations!

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