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African Children’s Choir performance


Choir 46 arrived this morning (Wednesday 3 May 2017), and managed to charm everybody they met. They particularly enjoyed being in a school with lots of other children. They performed to local primary schools during the week – over 500 local school children were absolutely wowed by an amazing performance by the Choir. It was wonderful to see everybody having so much fun… there was a lot of clapping and cheering!

Part of the performance involved the song ‘Sing’ which the schools attending had also learnt. It was great to see Choir 46 smiling in the stage when they heard 200 other children join in with gusto – especially as the song is about singing together. At the end of the day the choir met their host families and there were some very excited prep children looking forward to taking their new friends home with them. A highlight of the day was meeting Ray Barnett ( the founder of the charity). He had travelled to Ipswich especially to meet us as he had heard about the fundraising the school had been doing.

As well as two primary school concerts, the Choir also gave a public concert in Great School on Saturday 6 May.  This was an inspirational and uplifting concert – with high energy performances, dancing and drumming. It was great to see the Choir perform to a full house!

Because of all the help from Ipswich School staff – from helping with caretaking, food, tickets, swimming, services, admin and more – the visit by the Choir has been a huge success.  The Choir leader, Kyle, remarked out how much fun they had had here with us and that the Choir had really enjoyed themselves.

I am extremely grateful to everybody who has played a role in the successful visit by the Choir.   I have also been overwhelmed by everyone’s encouragement and good wishes. We don’t know exactly how much money was raised yet but will let you know when we do.

You can see photos of their visit here.

Read more about my recent visit to the African Children’s Choir in Kampala in March.

Beverley Steensma - Preparatory School Director of Music

About the Author

Beverley Steensma – Preparatory School Director of Music

Beverley has been post of Director of Music at Ipswich Preparatory School since September 2006. She is currently fundraising for an exciting visit from the African Children’s Choir in May 2017. Follow her journey via this blog and on Twitter @accvisitipswich

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