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Another great year of Ganzoni art

The Ganzoni art competition is open to pupils from Year 9 to Year 13, and this year’s theme was British Life.

The Art Department received a whole host of entries using a wide range of techniques, including textiles, photography, painting, sculpture and drawing. In both the senior and junior competition, one winner was chosen from each house.

Director of Art, Mr Parkin, said: “It was hard to pick the winners as the standard was so high, and we’re so grateful so many people got involved.

“Our senior prize winners were all very different, but we appreciated the skill and challenging ideas of the joint first place entries, from Deborah’s disturbing look at nature and decay to Lily’s unique perspective on the patriarchy.

“The middle school prize entries were also strong, but Ronnie’s entry stood out for his vibrant use of colour, whilst Rosie’s steampunk dress was uniquely creative and highly refined. Well done to all the winners.

From the Junior competition, in joint first place are Ronnie from Year 9 and Rosie from Year 11, and the runners up are Evie, Nia, Elliot and Aisha.

From the Senior competition, in joint first place are Deborah and Lily, both from Year 13. The runners up are Asma, Thomas, Isabella and Felix.

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