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Benefactors’ Evensong 2020

Once again, the School’s annual Benefactors’ Evensong was a celebration of the Ipswich School community and a thank you for the help given from those invested in the future, the school and the pupils who attend. 

The Chapel Choir performed Evensong with the professionalism and talent that always astounds. And afterwards more than 80 supporters of the school, staff and pupils sat down to enjoy a delicious dinner provided by the excellent catering team. 

Speeches were delivered from the Headmaster, Nicholas Weaver and Development Director Nikki Brown, who spoke of their gratitude for such fantastic support and the need to do even more to open the doors of educational opportunity in our region. 

Mrs Brown mentioned the School’s vision is to give those who have the passion, drive and determination to fulfil their potential, the opportunity to come to the school, regardless of their financial circumstances. Through the bursary fund the school is supporting two pupils, and hope that another will start very soon. These children have been given a magnificent opportunity which may not have been available without the support of the generous benefactors of Ipswich School.  

A huge thanks goes to those who attended the evening and to those who helped make the event as wonderful as it was. If you would like to know more about how you can be involved in shaping educational opportunity at the School please get in touch with the Development Office or have a look on the website

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