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Black History Month: Book Reviews

Windrush Child

Windrush Child is an exciting and interesting book written by Benjamin Zephaniah about a boy from Jamaica, called Leonard, who comes to England in the 1960s to join his father, who has been working in Manchester to make a better life for his family. The novel portrays the way that Jamaicans were enticed into this country, and were told that they were British, told of a better life in their supposed ‘motherland’. This story vividly shows us the way they were treated when they got here, through a young child’s eyes. They live in a tiny house, with little money, facing daily bullying and racism coming from the people, the country, that invited them in. Zephaniah adopts a simple and direct writing style, to convey the shocking events that could happen to a family, who have the best intentions to help build up Britain following World War Two, yet are treated in the worst possible way. The ending really packs a punch due to a powerful twist, finishing off this sad tale of a Windrush Child.

Harriet, Year 8

Black and British

The book Black and British by David Olusoga is an amazing book depicting the entire history of black people in Britain from the Romans to the present day. It covers all stories about black people in Britain and what their lives were like and how the white people in Britain treated them. It is in great detail , although for the people who don’t like reading long books there is a simplified version which is just as good. It is a great start for reading more about Black History Month and about slavery. It also helps you understand past and present racism and how to combat it. Overall it was the best book I read about Black History Month and you should read it too.

Matilda, Year 9

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