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Breadth and ambition bring success for A Level students at Ipswich School

The largest group of A Level students at Ipswich School have achieved the best A* to C grades in nearly a decade. 94% of the exams this summer were graded A* to C, and a quarter of the school’s Year 13 students achieved at least one A* grade.

Twenty-six students, or one in five of the cohort, achieved at least three A grades, with eight of these achieving at least four A grades. 

Ipswich School Headmaster Nicholas Weaver said: “I am delighted that so many of the exams this year have been graded A* to C – this is the highest number from the largest group of students since I became Headmaster in 2010.”

He added: “It is a huge success to have a quarter of our students achieving at least one A* grade, but we are not just rejoicing in the success of these top students, we are also celebrating the hard won B and C grades from students who might otherwise have achieved D and E grades. It is the value added by an Ipswich School education which enables students to reach their potential. It is so pleasing for me to see the success of individuals who I’ve also seen excel on the hockey field or in the Snape Maltings Concert Hall.”  

There were 123 students taking A Level exams this year at Ipswich School.  The percentage of exams graded A*-C was 93.8%, with 99.7% of exams graded A*-E.

Some particular student successes include: Shreyas Natarajan, who achieved four A* grades and is going to study Maths at Cambridge University; Nadia Mason, who achieved three A* grades and one A grade and has a place to study Earth and Planetary Science at Imperial College London; Ben Hubner, who achieved two A* and three A grades and has a place to study Maths at Warwick University; Ranulph Wood, who achieved an A* and three A grades and is going to study Medicine at St Andrews University; and Effie Menzies, who also achieved an A* and three A grades and has a place to study Natural Science at Nottingham University. 

There was A grade success for twins Neha and Preeti Krishna. Preeti achieved an A* and two A grades and is off to St Andrews University to study Geography and Sustainable Development, while Neha achieved four A grades and will be studying Material Science at Imperial College London. 

Some of those students who achieved an A* and two A grades include: Jack Whitlow, who will be studying History with Russian at Cambridge University; Marcus Noske, who will be studying Medicine at Keele University; Jake Davey, who will be studying Economics at Nottingham University; and Harriet Hole, who has a place to study Theology at Durham University.

The academic success at Ipswich School runs alongside a full programme of co-curricular activities offered to all pupils, including those in the Sixth Form. This focus on all-round education has seen the current Year 13 pupils enjoy national team success in hockey, as well as achieving individual awards in art competitions and music exams, alongside studying for their A Levels.

Mr Weaver said: “Once again we are delighted by the A Level results, which are the end product of two years of hard work by our students and their teachers.  They have risen to the harder challenge and high expectations in the new A Levels and we are very proud of their success.”

You can view a gallery of photos here

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