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CCF Cadets swim through the night


While the rest of us were in bed, 24 cadets from the Ipswich School CCF swam and took part in the CCF’s biennial ‘Dusk till Dawn’ swimathon on the last day of half term.

All of the swimming was done in an attempt to raise money for the CCF’s chosen charity, Walking With The Wounded.

The continuous swimming event started at 7pm and ended at 7am. Three cadets were swimming at any one time for 20 minutes before they had a break; they then returned a further five times to the pool during the swimathon. It was a gruelling event for even a strong swimmer.

They camped out in the dining hall between their swims and supported each other throughout the long night. The collection of tired bodies eventually managed to swim 85 miles during the night, an amazing achievement, and roughly the distance to Chelmsford and back!

Mr Welbourne, CCF Contingent Commander said: “I would like to thank all 24 cadets for their hard work and for their reasonably good humour when woken in the small hours for their next session. My thanks also go to the officers who gave their time to help the event run smoothly.”

Miss Brown, Mr Morgan and Mr Ross supported our cadets at various times during the event, with thanks also going to Lisa Perry – our lifeguard – Dr Fredrikssen-Jones and Mr Beasant for staying up all night and being so helpful in making the event such a success.

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