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Community Service Wombles

Thursday afternoons mean Community Service activities for Years 10 and 11. A number of pupils would normally help out in local primary schools, but as they can no longer visit their schools for now, they have moved to a new activity, helping the environmental efforts of Ipswich.

Led by Mrs Abbitt, they had their first session last Thursday where they were given a talk by Jason Alexander, a representative from Rubbish Walks.

He explained about the many different forms of litter they would be collecting from plastic bottles and bags to cigarette butts – the most common form of litter. There was even a competition to collect the most butts in a single afternoon!

Groups of pupils and staff collected litter all over Ipswich, starting in Christchurch Park and working their way around the town, stopping at the High Street and at the Waterfront.

With around fifty people participating they had a lot to show for their efforts. Thank you to everyone involved for their hard work.

Giles and Sam, Year 13

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