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A Plastic Ocean

An eye-opening documentary that sheds light on the devastating effects of plastic pollution on our planet’s oceans. The film follows a team of scientists, journalists, and environmental activists as they embark on a journey around the world to investigate the extent of plastic pollution and its impact on marine life.

The film highlights how widespread plastic pollution is in our oceans, from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to the coastlines of developing nations. The documentary also examines the potential impact of microplastics on human health and the food chain, raising important questions about the long-term consequences of our reliance on single-use plastics.

Overall, “A Plastic Ocean” is a compelling documentary, urging viewers to reconsider their use of plastic and take steps to reduce their environmental footprint.

Kiss The Ground

The documentary “Kiss The Ground” is about the power of soil regeneration as a solution to climate change. The film presents the importance of healthy soil ecosystems in creating a sustainable future and features a range of experts and activists who share their knowledge and experiences. The documentary argues that healthy soil is the key to a healthy planet and that regenerative agriculture has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase food security, and improve the resilience of ecosystems.

In my opinion, “Kiss the Ground” is a visually stunning and engaging documentary that presents a hopeful vision for the future, which is different from most of the eco-related documentaries. The film is well-researched and includes interviews with experts from various fields, including agriculture, ecology, and climate science. For example, Ray Archuleta is one of the experts in the film who is a soil scientist and conservation agronomist who promotes regenerative agriculture practices and soil health.

The documentary also shows the audience the political and economic problems that prevent widespread adoption of regenerative agriculture, such as the dominance of industrial agriculture and the lack of support for small-scale farmers.

Overall, “Kiss the Ground” is a documentary that talks about both the problems we are facing at the moment and the ways that we can help the environment in many different perspectives. Therefore I highly recommend this documentary to anyone who is passionate and interested in climate change and the environment.

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