EDF Energy talk to Year 2

First they met Ros from EDF Energy who came in and gave a very interesting talk about how electricity is made, the many uses we have for it and how we can keep safe with electricity.  The children impressed Ros with their knowledge about insulators and conductors.

On Wednesday, Mr Caskie wowed Year 2 with a very enthusiastic demonstration on how to make a battery. He explained that Mr Volta invented the first battery over 200 years ago using copper and zinc nails.  The children were therefore curious to find out why Mr Caskie had brought in a bag of fruit and potatoes!  Mr Caskie involved the children in creating an electrical circuit out of a humble bag of fruit with the aim of lighting up a bulb.  He told the children how many volts were in batteries and that a large battery contains the same number of volts as a small battery but the energy produced will last for longer.   The photos, comments and questions from the children show how much fun they had! 

“I think the bigger lime will make the bulb last longer because it has more juice in it.”   

“I have a flickering candle at home that has two batteries, why?”

“Is one of the chemicals in a battery called a carbonite or carbon?”

Why do all toys need different types of battery?”

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