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Exam art on display

On Friday 17 May the art department held the annual GCSE and A Level Art Exhibition at Anglesea Heights.

On display were textiles pieces as well as edited photography that was part of the final exams. There were many canvases filled with colour as part of the fine art section with contributions also including portraits in wardrobes as well as in huge frames. There was a huge range of textiles pieces, including one which had grass growing in it, one which explored other worlds, and another piece which looked at the richness and synergy of heritage.

The theme for the GCSE coursework was “I Me Mine” which inspired self portraits and other artistic interpretations whilst the theme for the A Level coursework was “Order and Disorder”. The art on display was inspiring to all visitors if you missed the exhibition evening, but would like to view it, please contact the art department.

Article written by Abby C, Year 12

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