First Year 7 girls welcomed back to Ipswich School

Ipswich School recently welcomed back some of the first Year 7 girls to join the school, to celebrate 20 years since the school became co-educational throughout.

Kayleigh Grimwade, Alice Ashenden, Rachel Woodward and Jia-Yan Gu joined the Headmaster Nicholas Weaver for lunch and a tour of the school, where they were able to see a number of the changes that had been made to facilities since they were pupils, as well as meeting some of their former teachers. 

They also met the current Year 7 girls, who spoke to them about their favourite aspects of Ipswich School life, as well as questioning the visitors about their time at Ipswich School – topics included food, uniform and sport as well as whether the boys were welcoming!

Nicholas Weaver, Headmaster of Ipswich School, said: “Whilst the first girls joined the Ipswich School Sixth Form in 1974, it was in 1997 that we welcomed out first cohort of Year 7 girls.  I was delighted to welcome four of them back to school and to show them how much co-education has changed since then.”

Ipswich School has been co-educational since 1974 when the first girl joined the Sixth Form to study maths and science, followed by a further five girls the following September.  Now the school has over 400 girls from the Nursery to the Sixth Form.

Recent major developments for girls at Ipswich School include a new uniform introduced in September 2015, with a trousers option being offered this year. Cricket has now been introduced as a ‘focus sport’ for all girls in the summer term and as a result, the school had 10 teams playing a total of 48 fixtures across all age groups and abilities, plus two ‘Super 8’ tournaments organised and hosted by Ipswich School for local girls cricket teams.  Recent sporting success also included the U18 girls’ hockey team becoming national indoor hockey champions in 2015.

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