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Fun and games in the boarding house

Last Tuesday, the boarding house was abuzz with excitement as Ms Denby, our boarding tutor, brought a new dimension of fun to our evening. She had a surprise for all of the boarders in Anglesea Heights – a VR headset. We couldn’t believe that we could try using VR to play games in the boarding house. As the evening began, we took turns strapping on the headset, diving into virtual worlds, and experiencing the thrill of immersive gaming. But that wasn’t all. Ms Denby’s competitive spirit shone through when she challenged us to a series of UNO card games. To our amazement, she emerged as the ultimate UNO champion, winning a total of five games. What was even more astonishing was her triumphant streak of three consecutive wins.

Even T, Year 12

Ipswich Prep School
Aaliyah Grant

Prep Art Exhibition wows

The creative energy of our students shone brightly throughout the year, culminating in the spectacular Celebration Day Art Exhibition. We were delighted to welcome parents

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