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GCSE Art show opens in Ipswich

Hot on the heels of the A Level Art Exhibition comes the GCSE show – but this year in a brand new location.

The work from the Year 11 students will be on display at the River Church in Ipswich’s Waterfront area from Thursday 19 May to Thursday 26 May, and will be open to the public from 10am to 4pm each day. The official opening will take place this Friday at 5pm.

Director of Art, Mr Parkin, explained that the new location had been chosen due to the limited space available in school, adding: “But we have been wanting to get our work out into the community for a while and this was the perfect opportunity.”

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to see a wide variety of work in different disciplines, including a range of different garments made by the textiles students showing skills such as embroidery, wrapping, weaving and embellishment.

Amongst the artists’ work there will be mixed media painting including a beautiful painting of a figure submerged in water, surrounded by weeds and a mixed media painting exploring the impact of climate change on Africa’s wildlife, using African fabrics, collage and oil paint.

The photographers have worked in Photoshop and also sculpture, and there is an exciting GIF of a micro-world, with moving clouds and water and a range of sculptural work using lights, foamboard and specially constructed frames.

Mr Parkin added: “This is a great opportunity to see the exceptional hard work that our students have put in. It’s also really exciting to see how many different ideas, processes and techniques are on show and the high standard achieved with them. And, if you’ve never been to River Church, it’s really worth a visit, it’s a hidden gem by the waterfront and even has a lovely cafe!”

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