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Get set for Careers 2020

In just over a week, the Ipswich School Careers Department will be opening their doors for their biggest event of the year – Careers 2020. This evening of inspiration and helpful advice will be perfect for anybody wanting to know more about a particular career, or explore the different pathways available to them.

From 6pm on Tuesday 10 March, Ipswich School students have been invited to attend careers seminars, many of which feature Old Ipswichians who want to showcase their career field, and who have returned to share their wisdom and advice about making the correct decision. The talks will include topics such as ‘Careers in the City’, ‘Today’s Tech’ and ‘Careers in Wealth Management.’ 

From 7pm, the information evening begins in earnest, with more than 50 stalls for students from any school or college to browse, from a host of different fields, such as the armed forces, insurance, law, medicine, technology, construction and accountancy. Representatives from each organisation featured will be able to answer any questions regarding their jobs, as well as share their personal experiences of working within the field.

There will also be a number of representatives from branches of higher education, with more universities than ever before, including King’s College in London, St. Andrews University and the University of Birmingham. There will also be information regarding ‘gap years’, and ‘Firstpoint USA’ will be there, which is a Manchester-based organisation that deals with university applications to America.

So make sure the Careers 2020 event is in your diary for next Tuesday, so that you can make the right decision for your future.

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