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It’s a long way to Uganda and after four flights I have finally arrived at Entebbe airport. It’s dark and I have no idea who is greeting me – luckily two very enthusiastic hosts from The African Children’s Choir are calling out my name loudly. We are travelling to the new training academy that the money we have raised helped to build. It’s only a short distance away, but rough dirt roads ensure that it takes a while to get there. They only moved into the building three weeks ago and everyone is very excited to be there. I am greeted by Choir 47 with a massive cheer and lots of African hugs and cuddles from the children – a wonderful start to the trip!

I am staying in guest accommodation at the school, which is very comfortable – apart from a rather large amount of bugs! I tucked the mosquito net in extra tight that night!

On my first morning I discover that the school is built on the shores of Lake Victoria with amazing views. The children have morning chores before breakfast and it is humbling to see them ALL busy washing floors and cleaning to get everything ready for the day.

Every child I meet is so lovely and wants to find out more about our school.  In the morning I am invited to speak at their assembly/service and I was able to tell the whole school (150) about our fundraising efforts. They thank me by singing a beautiful African song in at least 5 parts with harmonies and call and response. It was extremely moving and beautiful – yes I did shed a little tear – but kept smiling too!

Lots more happening this week. I will be visiting some of the other Music For Life projects in Kampala.

You can see pictures from the trip here.

Beverley Steensma - Preparatory School Director of Music

About the Author

Beverley Steensma – Preparatory School Director of Music

Beverley has been post of Director of Music at Ipswich Preparatory School since September 2006. She is currently fundraising for an exciting visit from the African Children’s Choir in May 2017. Follow her journey via this blog and on Twitter @accvisitipswich

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