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Henry is elected as Suffolk MYP

Recently our own Ipswich School Year 12 student, Henry C, became a Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for the Ipswich and Babergh area. As a keen student with an interest in a political career, he described excitedly that it was “the beginning to [his] inevitable career path to Number 10.” He also remarked that his favourite part about being a youth parliament member so far was the interesting people he has met through it, notably Theresa May.

Henry had gone through a rigorous process to obtain his position including writing essays about his manifesto ideas. In order to acquire votes, he delivered a recorded speech that was sent to all the schools in the constituency giving all these students the chance to vote for him. Due to his convincing and inspiring public speaking skills, he swayed voters in his favour and now enjoys representing them in Youth Parliament meetings.

He has assured the Occasional that he puts diligent effort into representing the youth of the Ipswich and Babergh constituency. He does this by meeting and receiving ideas from the Suffolk Youth Forum as well as doing about seven hours of work per month to ensure his duties are fulfilled. His role also entails meeting with stakeholders and youth activists in the constituency to hear ideas and enact his manifesto. Henry personally suggests Suffolk Youth Forum as the best way to have your voice heard and raise issues and ideas. To do this you can email

As a school we are very proud of Henry’s impressive achievement and wish him the best of luck towards his ambition of becoming Prime Minister!

Article written by Lucia P, Year 12

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