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Ipswich Prep School pupils serve up some super scones

Pupils from Ipswich Prep have teamed up with local coffee shop Applaud to come up with an exciting new scone recipe to be sold in the cafe.

During their Design Technology lessons last term, Year Six were on a very important mission – to find new and exciting combinations of ingredients which the St Peters Street coffee shop, Applaud (, could serve to their customers.

During their lessons, they learned about how scones are made, about ingredients and methods, and considered how scones could be made a little healthier. They worked in small groups to devise recipes, and baked scones in class. When the task was complete, they sampled their scones, appraising them objectively, and made small adjustments to the recipes where necessary.

The recipes were then considered by Applaud owners, Beth and Hannah. Beth and Hannah trialled some of the recipes and shared the resulting scones with their staff before selecting a runner-up and a winner.

The runners-up were Bradley Williams, Joshua Reed and Anya Quatra with their ‘Sweet Spring’ variety, and the winners were Thalia Clement, Helena Bishop (both pictured) and Lucien Poultney, with ‘Honey Heaven’. All the finalists received vouchers for Applaud, and the winners will have their scones baked every day for an entire week at Applaud.

Amanda Warren, Art and DT Co-Ordinator at Ipswich Prep School, said: “Design Technology as a subject requires that we have target consumers for all of our products, be they mechanisms, electrical items, textiles, or, as in this case, food. It has been fantastic to have such a wonderful venue as a focus for our delicious products, and the children have learned a lot, not just about baking techniques. Thank you to Hannah and Beth for bringing our project to life!”

Beth/Hannah from Applaud added: “We were really impressed with the creative recipes we received from the year 6 students. It was fun to try out their recipes and we look forward to serving the winning scones soon.”

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