Ipswich Prep School to expand into Anglesea Heights

Ipswich Prep School will be adding an additional class to Year 6 from September 2019 due to a sustained increase in pupil numbers.  The new class will be housed in one of the buildings in the former Anglesea Heights care home, which Ipswich School acquired from Bupa in January 2019.  

Amanda Childs, Head of Ipswich Prep, commented: “I'm delighted that from September 2019 the Prep School will have three Year 6 classes. Demand for places has been high for several years, so we are pleased to now be able to meet this extra need.  As one of the buildings at Anglesea Heights is only a few metres from the Prep, it seemed perfectly located for us. Converting it to classrooms could not be easier.’

 The building will be called ‘Christchurch’, continuing the name used when it was part of the Bupa-owned care home.  “Given the connections to Christchurch Park at the end of the road and the long-standing links the school has with the town, we thought it was fitting that we continued to use this name,” continued Mrs Childs.

Alongside new classrooms, the Prep’s Late Stay is likely to move across to Christchurch and will now have a brand new garden.  Other gardens in the Anglesea Heights complex are also now being used by the Prep to enhance the school's outdoor play and learning facilities.

The garden at Christchurch was planted by Prep School staff just before the Easter holidays.  The first pupils will be using the facility shortly, and it will be fully operational in September 2019. Any parents interested in a place for their children at Ipswich Prep School should call our Admissions Manager Kate Frankland on 01473 281302 or email prepadmissions@ipswich.school and we will be delighted to arrange a tour of the school for you.

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