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Ipswich Prep shortlisted for award

Ipswich Prep School has been shortlisted in the Independent Schools’ of the Year Awards 2021.

The school’s entry for Pre-Prep School of the Year highlights the Learning Dispositions which were devised in collaboration with pupils, and which are now central to the routines of all the children in the Prep School. 

  • Courage and self-belief (Learning Disposition – Luna) ensures that we build self-esteem in every single child.Confidence in speaking is developed with talking partners, role play, drama, presenting in assembly, circle time and school council. Our wellbeing affiliated dog, Lola, helps too with her non-judgemental support and acceptance.
  • Curiosity and enthusiasm (Calypso) invites us to see the world as our classroom. ‘Bee Outside’ is our outdoor learning initiative whereby every teacher takes at least one lesson a week outdoors and the Pre-Prep settings make good use of the free flow between the class and the outdoor learning area. 
  • Resilience and risk-taking (Ruffles) are also encouraged. We have an enclosed woodland area as part of the setting that we use for exploration, adventure and forest school. 
  • Independence and initiative (Onyx) encourages the children to become independent through a variety of daily routines and activities.
  • Collaboration and cooperation (Crump) is felt everywhere, and notably with the regular communication between staff and parents.

Amanda Childs, Head of Ipswich Prep said: “We teach children to love challenges, to be intrigued by mistakes, to enjoy effort, and to keep on learning and asking questions. By embedding these values in our youngest children, we help them form a positive attitude to learning that will stay with them for life.”

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