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Ipswich School Chapel Choir in re-hallowing of Kersey Shrine

On Sunday 8 March, the Ipswich School Chapel Choir participated in the re-hallowing of the Kersey Shrine, alongside the Kersey School Choir, our Chaplain, the Reverend Crompton-Battersby of Kersey Church and Bishop Martin Seeley of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich.

As well as stirring and moving, which the choir performed to their usual high standard, the service was notable for featuring the first ever procession performed by the Chapel Choir featuring an aquatic element, as the choir crossed through  Kersey Splash, a stream that runs through the centre of the village.

Personally speaking, I felt privileged to have an opportunity to participate in such an important event in the local community, especially with such a central message of compassion and love for all being preached on International Women’s Day.

The Chapel Choir would like to thank Reverend Crompton-Battersby for inviting us to perform and everyone who came to watch, listen and share in the moment of re-hallowing of a shrine for the 21st Century

The Kersey Shrine (right) features water taken from the Splash, and has been designed to create a visually striking, yet peaceful space for personal prayer. There are also opportunities to write prayers on pebbles and stones and place them on or around the shrine, should you feel the need to do.

The shrine which was reconsecrated in the service replaces the original that was torn apart in the 17th Century during the era of Puritanism.

Photos by James Fletcher

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