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LEGO robotics team trophies

On Tuesday 5 March, two teams from Years 7 and 9 travelled to GeTech to take part in a regional Lego Robotics Competition. The teams had to design, build and program robots to complete missions, going head-to-head with other competitors to score as many points as possible. They also had to give presentations describing their innovative solutions to a problem linked to this year’s theme, which centred on the links between technology and the arts.

Team 1 was called the Luminaries and they consisted of Richard B, Dhruv P and Owen P from Year 9, the second team was called the LEGOphants and this team consisted of people from Year 7 including, Pippa W, Henry G, Teal S, Shero H, Tristan G, Eva M and Alex S. Both teams did incredibly well succeeding in winning a trophy each. The LEGOphants won the trophy for core values and The Luminaries won the Judges’ Rising Stars award.

In the end, everyone had a great time and it was a successful day out.

Article written by Pippa W and Shero H, Year 7

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