Little Shop of Horrors doesn’t scare Ipswich School drama students

An energetic performance of the classic musical Little Shop of Horrors was staged at Ipswich School last week, by a cast from Years 10 to 13.

The story tells the tale of shop workers from a downtown rough neighbourhood in New York City, all trying to get by on 'Skid Row'. Trying to attract more customers to Mushnik's Flower Shop, Seymour puts an unusual plant in the window. This plant gradually becomes bigger and bigger as it feeds on its unusual diet of human flesh and blood!

This story of life and relationships was portrayed extremely well by all the actors involved. The lead roles were very self-assured, both in their acting and their vocals, with the ensembles providing added humour to the sometimes dark themes of the story.

The solos and big dance numbers were all confidently performed, under the direction of drama teachers Sophie Pitt and Sally Broatch.  Pupils also provided the backstage and technical crew, and were the puppeteers for the huge, flesh-devouring Audrey 2 plant. The show ended with a powerful finale with excellent choreography which left the audience giving rousing cheers and whistles.

Mrs Pitt said afterwards: “The pupils all worked extremely hard to put on such an excellent performance. Bravo to all those involved, both on stage and behind the scenes!”

You can see more photos here.

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