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Lower School pupils have the PhysiXfactor

Last Wednesday, one of the biggest Lower School competitions took place underneath the library. Each student was set PSC from the science department to create a poster based on an element of physics which they are interested in. There was also an option to make a model to emphasise their chosen aspect of physics.

These were then judged by the science teachers, and the winners from each class went through to the final. They had to present and explain their model to other students that walked past the library exhibition. There were many different topic choices ranging from demonstrations on how Newton’s Laws worked to friction and black holes. Models included one of the James Webb Space Telescope and a box of special liquid you could dunk your hand in and see the chemical reaction explained in the poster.

Mr Arthur, Head of Physics, said: “The pupils explained their models and gave fantastic demonstrations; it was lovely to hear the science and the background stories. Several of the older students popped by with happy memories of their own PhysiXfactor entries from when they were in the Lower School.” He added: “Huge congratulations to everyone who made it into the final with particular mention going to Maise M (Heron Fountain), Bertie E (Archimedes screw), Teal S (Anechoic chamber), Charlotte Tubb (LED) and Dhruv S (Hovercraft).”

Article written by Sophie L, Year 7 Junior Journalist

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