Neonatal Unit benefits from £4,000 Ipswich Prep fundraising

Ipswich Prep School pupils have donated over £4,000 to Ipswich Hospital Trust’s Neonatal Unit as a result of their charity fundraising efforts throughout the past school year.
Pupils from the Prep School selected the Neonatal Unit themselves and then organised a series of cake sales, raffles and collections.  
“I have been so impressed by the way pupils have learnt about the neonatal unit alongside their fundraising,” commented Amanda Childs, Prep Head.  “It’s a subject very close to many of their and their parents’ hearts as many of them have personally benefited from support provided by a neonatal unit when they were a baby.” 
As part of their efforts, Prep pupils have learnt how neonatal units work and how they can help babies born facing some type of difficulty.  Back in October three Year 6 pupils from the Prep who were born prematurely themselves talked in an assembly with their mothers about the vital role that neonatal units play and how they can help save lives.
The donation from the Prep will go towards an open top incubator for the unit at Framlingham Ward.  
The Ipswich Hospital Charity remarked: “We are delighted with this donation which will go a significant way towards paying for a new incubator.  We were also very pleased to learn just how much pupils learnt about what we do as a unit and how units such as ours had played such a key part in many of their lives when they were born.”
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