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New arrangements for Year 7 entrance assessments

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we have made some changes to our Year 7 entrance assessments. These will now take place as online tests on Saturday 16 January for external candidates.

There will be a combination of numeracy, literacy and reasoning tests to be completed online, in your own home, and a timed creative writing exercise to be photographed and emailed back to the school. This is similar in content to our standard test procedure. 

The tests will be in small groups online and overseen by a remote invigilator.

Please note: the online assessments for candidates from Ipswich Prep School will be held on Monday 18 January, and follow the same format as for external candidates.

Online Parents’ Information Evening

We are also holding an online Parents’ Information Evening at 7pm on Monday 11 January, for parents of children hoping to join in Year 7 this September. The session will be an interactive, live meeting on our Youtube channel. In addition to this general information webinar we are taking bookings for smaller group discussions with Ms Caston, Head of Lower School. 

To register your child for our entrance assessments, or to book a place for the Information Evening and Parent Chat groups, please email

Year 7 Scholarship and Bursary Applicants

  • Academic Scholarships: as in previous years, Academic Scholarship candidates will be identified from the overall test results. These candidates will be invited for an online interview on either 25, 26 or 27 January.
  • Shortlisted Bursary applicants will be interviewed online on 26 or 27 January. B2 forms must be returned to the school before 16 January.
  • Sports Scholarship Assessments – these will be re-arranged, and the Admissions Team will be in touch with shortlisted candidates to confirm arrangements.
  • Art and Music Scholarship assessments are scheduled and running online as originally planned. 
  • Art portfolios can be photographed and emailed to Richard Parkin, Director of Art ( with an extended deadline of midday on Monday 11 January. If this presents difficulties the portfolio can be delivered to either Ipswich School (Henley Road) or Ipswich Prep (Ivry Street) between 9am and 3.30pm by the original deadline of Friday 8 January – please let us know if you will be delivering the portfolio to the school.
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