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New still life displays for Art inspiration

As usual, the Art teachers have been hard at work during the summer holidays, creating wonderful still life displays for pupils to draw and be inspired by.

Mr Bartram’s displays are based around harvest and English pastoral culture. and take inspiration from artists Angie Lewin and Paul Nash. Like Nash and Lewin paintings, there are different crops and plants including barley, wheat and thistles, and also mirrors and frames to see hidden details and different angles.

The still life in Mr Parkin’s room features brightly coloured accessories and old style telephones and typewriters. It is inspired by the Pop Art movement and in particular the work of Michael Craig Martin which features oversized objects, bright colours and geometric compositions.

Ms Shevchenko’s still life is inspired by 16th and 17th century painters like Juan Sanches-Cotan and Floris Van Dijk, who depicted lush arrangements of plants and food with vibrant and realistic tones and colours.

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