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OI Jerome speaks to aspiring medics

Former pupil Jerome Scoote returned to Ipswich School last week to speak to aspiring medics. He is a third year medical student at UEA and has just started his placement at Ipswich Hospital in Urology focusing on the renal ward.

Jerome gave a resume of the universities he applied to as well as UEA and discussed the interview process, what they involved and what they focussed on. He gave some advice on things to read up on for our Year 13 students who are currently awaiting invites for interviews.

Jerome then went over the course outline at UEA, a typical week as a medical student, before showing what his placement week timetable looked like. He discussed his GP placements and what he has been doing at Ipswich Hospital so far. Jerome highlighted the pros and cons of problem based learning, explaining that who you get in your group can make a real difference in the experience that you have. He discussed how he had to re-think his approach to learning in the first year, moving away from his A Level style note writing to a more question-bank approach, as the shear volume of work will prevent you from being able to keep on top of the notes.

Many thanks to Jerome for giving up his time.

Mr Calver, Deputy Head of Sixth Form

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