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OI talks careers to Year 12

Year 12 students heard from Old Ipswichian Miles Freeman at the end of September, as he visited the school to speak about his careers path.

Miles left Ipswich School in 2014 to study architecture at Newcastle. He quickly realised that the course was not for him, but wanted to stay at the university, so transferred to a politics degree. During his time at Newcastle, he set up his own clothing brand with a friend, which he later sold so that he could focus on other avenues.

After graduating he worked for many companies in their communication/marketing departments as he maintained his passion for design, working for brands such as Coca Cola and Harley Davidson. He explained to his audience that after a while he grew tired of working for large corporate entities and took a punt at a new start-up based in Stowmarket called EO Charging. Over the years this company has grown from 20 staff to a multinational company operating in over 40 countries, supplying charging solutions for DHL, Amazon and many of the supermarkets operating electric vehicles.

Miles is currently Marketing Director at EO. The essence of his talk was that many students have a fixed view on careers, and are very linear, but in reality, he explained that you will have many jobs, taking you in many directions. He advocated the benefits of working for big companies, but also start-ups, where you can be in the driving seat, helping the company develop and making crucial decisions, which may not happen in the larger corporate world.

Mr Calver, Deputy Head of Sixth Form

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