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Open Morning 2018


On Saturday 29 September, Ipswich School’s Open Morning started on a high with a large number of parents and children coming to see the grandeur of the school and its opportunities. All the departments went the extra mile by showcasing their best work and providing activities for everyone to join in. The student journalists from our weekly newsletter, the Occasional, were at the event to report on the action. Here are the Occasional’s highlights from the day:

Art gave us a circus theme, linking with the subject for the Ganzoni art competition of Helter-Skelter. With candyfloss and a Virtual Reality carnival it was a fun ride for anyone interested with art.

In the library, special guest Elmer arrived at the school in colour to celebrate the school’s role as Associate Education Partner for Elmer’s Big Parade in Suffolk next summer, as well as the links the school has with the local community. The morning also featured a mini Elmer trail which people could participate in.

The language corridor was alive with culture as classrooms for the different subjects featured works by pupils and a variety of activities. Foreign books were in display, with varying difficulty to appeal to beginners to the languages, as well as GCSE and A-Level style books for those more confident in their languages.

In Little School, there were a wide variety of community service and co-curricular activities on show, with students talking enthusiastically to visitors about what it’s like to be an Ipswich School pupil.

History was a popular choice, with both classrooms filled with an enthusiastic atmosphere; an activity that appealed to parents and children alike was the History Mystery – a ‘crime scene’ featuring a skeleton with clues around the classroom so visitors could attempt to piece together the evidence to deduce which monarch the skeleton was.

The entire English corridor was open to visitors, filled with books and imagination. Room 8 held a series of debates between 10:30-11:30, in which people could choose a motion to discuss, to showcase another of the extra-curricular opportunities offered to pupils at the school.

In Chemistry there was a variety of experiments such as ‘how to make perfect perfume’ and ‘making milk’ and classic chemistry experiments like ‘the universal indicator test’ and the changing of colour of fire.

With welcome talks from Headmaster Mr Weaver, live music from the Britten Faculty of Music and wonderful refreshments from the school’s Catering Team, it was a busy morning for everyone.

Meanwhile over at the Prep, Prep Head Mrs Childs gave a welcome talk and there was more delicious refreshments plus a chance to see Elmer and do some Elmer-themed colouring. The Lodge Day Nursery was open as a free creche for younger children, Elmer story time and a chance for people to have a look around.

If you missed the Open Morning don’t despair! You can contact the Ipswich School admissions team to book a personal visit.  Just email or

You can view a gallery of photos from today here.

The Occasional Student Journalist

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The Occasional Student Journalist

Part of a team of journalists who work on the weekly Ipswich School newsletter called The Occasional

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