Our Day with the Two Steves

Reception to Year 6 experienced the madness of these very talented authors whom have written over 160 children's books including Action Dogs, Mad Myths and the iHero series.  We were entertained with a show where they read from their books and involved the children dressing up as super heroes, Vikings, spacemen and hosting a quiz!  They also held a very special message about the importance of reading and why we should read and enjoy books at whatever age. 

Year 6 were treated to an afternoon discovering what it is like to become an author, giving inspiration and how to develop ideas.  The 2 Steves’ energy was immense and the children were left wanting to read.  It was a tremendous day and was topped off by one young man telling the Librarian ‘he just wanted to get his teeth into a really big book’.  This made for a very happy librarian! 

Year 1 went away from a giggly morning having read the play script ‘Thingamabob’ to get creative and draw the character, there were some fabulous pieces of art work which have been sent to the 2 Steves!

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