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Paper Birds help students devise drama

On Tuesday last week, a performer from the Paper Birds Theatre Company, visited our Year 10 drama pupils, offering help on their GCSE devising pieces, as these students reflected afterwards:

“Using innovative and exciting warm ups to gain our attention and focus, such as the challenge of creating a short scene that was physical in nature where we solely used our bodies to convey characters, she successfully inspired a new element of originality in all our devising pieces. She taught us effective techniques to grab the audience’s attention, such as having us all involved in the same conversation, playing the same character but having different personalities and different opinions. “

“We used movements to create short scenes to show stereotypical beliefs based upon our different themes. This workshop helped us to work together as the movements had to be in sync, meaning we had to focus and pay attention to others’ actions, which helped improve our collaborations. We feel we are now in a really good place to devise for our exam and have lots of ideas for creating material.”

The Year 9 Arts Award students also participated in a workshop led by the Paper Birds Theatre Company.

“During our workshop, we were given a picture to bring to life. I really enjoyed this because it made us use our imaginations to move and sound like the objects in the picture would. We then wrote about what our ideal worlds would be like and used them to devise a scene. Finally, we had a question and answer session with where we got to find out how you can make it in the theatre industry. We all thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and look forward to applying what we have learnt to our work.”

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