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Platinum award first for Catering Team

Our amazing Catering Team has exceeded expectations by winning the CAP Platinum Award for catering – the first school in the country to do so.

In order for them to receive such a reputable award, they have to maintain the high standards of having high quality food, hygiene, customer service and general cleanliness. This is the first platinum award they have achieved, and it was the result of an unannounced inspection by a CAP (Continuous Advancement Programme) inspector.

As part of the inspection, which happened just before half term, the inspector tried the food in the Senior School, Prep School and at Westwood, as well as speaking to the staff and pupils, and checking the health and safety paperwork and training logs. The team has successfully fulfilled their target from last year of achieving a platinum award. This award is the hardest to gain of the four CAP awards – organisations have to have achieved a gold award for three successive years before they can be assessed, and have to score over 95% in each of the assessment criteria.

Mr Brace from the Catering Team said: “I am immensely proud of this result and all of the hard work of the team, especially as Ipswich School are the first school to achieve a platinum award.”

As we’re sure you all know, our brilliant catering team deserve this unique award as a result of the menus that they have worked hard to serve to us everyday.

Souparno L and Luke McG, Year 10

Ipswich Prep School
Aaliyah Grant

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