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Prep pupils enjoy World Baking Day 2019

Prep World Baking Day 2019

Ipswich Prep School pupils celebrated World Baking Day 2019 yesterday (Friday 17 May) with their very own Great Prep Bake Off!

Children in Nursery and Reception took part in creating some delicious treats. Whilst wearing their aprons and chef’s hats, and with very clean hands, they decorated biscuits, made sandwiches with a choice of fillings, baked buns and mixed chocolate Tiffin cakes.  

The children had so much fun whilst learning to follow instructions and recipes, weigh and mix ingredients, select their own toppings and use their fine motor control to sprinkle, scoop and spread.  

The awe and wonder of watching as the combined ingredients changed before their eyes into something brand new, was true magic! As William, aged 5, announced, it was “the best day ever!”

You can see some photos of the Great Prep Bake Off here.

Parents who would like to experience what Ipswich Prep has to offer their child are invited to bring them to a ‘stay and play’ session in our Reception class. There are two dates: Thursday 6 June and Friday 7 June, from 10.30am to 11.30am, when there will be a variety of activities for parents to join in and do with their child. To book a space, please call Ipswich Prep School on 01473 281302.

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