Prep teacher is nominated for an ArtStar!

Ipswich Prep School's Art & Design teacher, Mrs Warren, has been nominated for an ArtStar through AccessArt. 

She says: "I am so fortunate to be teaching Art & Design and Design & Technology at Ipswich Prep in a room I helped to design, a room with a view, one of the highest lookout points in the town. We encourage the children to use their senses and sensibilities, to explore a wide range of processes and techniques and to feel confident about engaging with and interpreting works of art.

The children come to their lessons full of enthusiasm and ideas; they love to use their hands, hearts and minds. We regularly employ local artists to enrich the curriculum, and they have contributed with activities as diverse as clay modelling, life drawing and conceptual projects involving film. The broader curriculum provides some, but not all of our inspiration and Year Six gain enormously from visiting the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts in Norwich."

Mrs Warren has been, to a greater or lesser extent, an artist practitioner since student days in Brighton, creating art in a tiny studio and exhibiting locally.

She says: "When I left my class teacher role in the state sector I set up an art network group to keep in contact with the wider teaching community. We are a diverse, open and welcoming group, meeting termly. I am currently Secretary of the IAPS Area 9 Art & Design Subject Leaders’ Group. A former member of the NUT Primary Advisory Committee, I feel strongly that the arts have a crucial part to play in primary education and our voices need to be heard. AccessArt is a fabulous organization and I am proud to have been nominated for an ArtStar!"

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