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Pupils in national games design finals

Ipswich School’s Computer Science department are celebrating as they have a team in the finals of the Bafta Young Game Designer Awards for the second year running.

The team of two pupils, Henry J and Matthew G from Year 9, have reached the top 50 out of over a thousand entries. We went to speak to them in Thursday’s activities session and were lucky enough to try their game out for ourselves.

The game called Clones is written in Python. It is of the puzzle genre and it is very fun! There are some interesting mechanics, for example there is a clone which you can use to support you in completing the levels. And also there are cleverly designed buttons which sometimes require you to use your clone to press one as you press the other in order to open the door for the next level!

The game has been in development since early December last year. Matthew, who has been in charge of the programming, has been coding since he was just 8 years old.

The competition winners will be announced on a public livestream (yes you can watch!) on Thursday 30 June, and the team will be attending an in-person award ceremony on Saturday 9 July. The game will be further developed and then eventually be released for you to play yourself. We wish the Ipswich School team the best of luck in the final!

Will T and James O, Year 10

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