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RAF Honington hosts shooting skills

Ten CCF cadets, and four NCOs from the RAF and Army sections spent last Thursday afternoon honing their shooting skills at RAF Honington. They used the Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT) laser rifle range used to train soldiers to shoot prone and kneeling over targets ranging from 25m to 100m.

The weapon was the standard issue armed forces rifle, but using the incredible technology showed data on everything from trigger pull, to muzzle movement, to rifle positioning and shot grouping. This meant detailed feedback on how to improve was provided, and some healthy competition to see who was best!

Some exceptional shooting was noted by Sergeant Sanderson who was conducting the range. Well done to Florence C, Matt H and Lily H-L on some stunning accuracy, and thanks to Captain Ross and Flight Lieutenant Fredrikssen-Jones for making this training possible.

Article written by Pilot Officer Faiers, CCF (RAF Section)

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